Tuesday, November 12: From 5:00 – To 7:00 – at  Mega Mall – lower level Migration and Migrants by Khadija Elmadmad Morocco has always been a country with diverse categories of migration and migrants. Population movements to and from Morocco have evolved with the history of the country, but they […]

AIWA November General Meeting 2019

Dear AIWA Members,       You are cordially invited to attend the AIWA End-of-the-Year F’touron Thursday, May 30th, at 7:00 pm at the home of Mrs. Amina El Abridi. We will be breaking fast together, presenting our new 2019-2020 Executive Board and showing our appreciation to our 2018-2019 board members, board […]

Invitation to the End-of-the-Year AIWA F’tour