Cultural Exchange Club 2

The main  activity of this club is to get in touch with other / different cultures. Either by requests to embacies to let us know  about the different aspects of their countries’s culture  ( history , customs ,language , food)  and we were always hosted  generously or  by searching to know about the multitude of cultures in our country  Morocco.
Tuesday, 23th May 2017, we had a trip to the imperial city Fes. IT was a rich and an exciting cultural excursion. we visited the medina with its coloured shops and handicrafts. Beguining by “Boujloud’s” big gate , “Bouanania school” built by les Merinides, the biggest moque “Alquarawiyine”, “safarine souk” of copper and “souk of metal devices”, taneries …etc. Moroever, we had lunch in “Palais Dar Tazi” where we had a very tasty Fassi traditional menu accompanied with luth music and songs.In the afternoon, we had a switch up to the Borge to see all the city. Last, our visite ended by the  “king palace” then the “Jewish district” .
We’ll keep those good moments in our memories forever.
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