MARCH GENERAL MEETING: “Migration and Migrants: Women’s Migration ” by Khadija MADMAD

Tuesday, March 10th: From 5:00 – 7:00 – at  Mega Mall – lower level

MARCH GENERAL MEETING: “Migration and Migrants: Women’s Migration” by Khadija MADMAD

Our guest speaker Khadija Elmadmad, law professor, attorney and an international consultant, will tell us about “Migration and Migrants”, subject which is her great speciality, and her principal topic will be Women’s Migration. She is the Director of the UNESCO Center “The Law and Migration” (CUDM) in Rabat, the Vice Chair of the Legal Clinic of the Law Faculty of Casablanca University and the Coordinator of its section on Migration Law. She is also a Peace Mediator within the African Union network FemWise-Africa and a visiting Professor at a few universities abroad. Khadija Madmad will first start by exposing the history of migration and migrants in Morocco, then the applicable laws and regulations, and will finally analyze the present situation of migrants and their rights. Non-members are welcome to attend (there will be just 50 dirhams to cover their refreshments fee).

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