Dear members, To start a new and exciting year 2017, for our general meeting on January 10, We will have two eminent artists from ‘Oud Caravane ‘ trio – Nacer Houari and Karim Kadiri. Both of them are distinguished artists, famous for their talent in playing Lute music in Morocco […]

First 2017 General Meeting! A conference on stress and anger ...

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements. We are proud and privileged in AIWA to be a diverse group of women, united by a common language, shared interests and friendship. Our volunteers keep the Association operating and opportunities […]

The 8th of March 2016 celebration

  On their 17 hectares, the Garden of Botanical trials, present a remarkably diverse array of plants through themed gardens. Established in 1914, the garden has been fully renovated in implementation of High Royal Instructions. Rabat will be declared first green city of Morocco. We will take advantage of a […]

Visit to the garden of botanical trials of Rabat

The end of year luncheon was a wonderful opportunity for all the members who were present to spend a lovely day in the beautiful Dar Dyafa. Our Co-President, Soumaya El Ouggouti, reported to all the key milestones that were achieved this year and the work done by the members. There […]

The End of Year Luncheon – June 2, 2016

AIWA has a dual mission. The first is to support and encourage intercultural exchange and understanding. The second mission is to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need in the Rabat community. AIWA members are women of several nationalities who are motivated and dedicated to help the needy. Most of […]