Success Stories

To be updated: Hospitalize, handicapped or homeless women and children are just some of the Moroccans who have benefited from AIWA’s charity work. With over 120 international members, the association has offered a helping hand to some of the country’s needy citizens.

A successful ” Family Fun Run” in 2009 raised 140,000 DH to help the development needs of the Nasr Association for the Deaf.

Artwork created by children in AIWA’s Children’s Hospital Activity Room forms the basis for an annual card fundraiser. Profits from the sale of the cards surpassed 30,000 DH in 2010. The money is used to buy medicines and help cover costs of medical tests or operations for children who suffer from heart, kidney or bladder problems.

AIWA has also lent a hand at the Salé NGO, Center Social Kariat, where hands-on therapy for the handicapped helps not only the children but teaches the parents the rehabilitative skills necessary to assist in their child’s physical development and social growth. In addition, the moms are taught Arabic literacy and sewing skills, which in return can generate income. AIWA donated 20,000 DH for new kitchen equipment.

For more than five years, AIWA has supported a women’s rug co-op and watched them grow into a thriving, sustainable business. The group methodically grew their co-op into a rug and sewing business. Reinvesting their profits from rug sales, the members began the process of expanding their enterprise with the purchase of several industrial-sized sewing machines.

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